Evaluation summary of the Research Training Course on Multilingual Resources and Tools

Which parts of the course were most directly relevant for your research?

Jakubíček (5), Bel/Padró (5), Quochi (2), Kristiansen (1), Dyvik (1), Lyse (1), nothing directly relevant (1)

From which parts have you learned the most new things?

All (1), Bel/Padró (7), Dyvik (5), Weka (2), Jakubíček (4), Lyse (1)

How much of the exercises did you actually do and how much of the recommended reading did you actually read?

Exercises: all (4), most (1), SketchEngine and Weka (1), 80% (1), some SketchEngine, 2/3 of Cue-based lexical acquisition, Semantic Mirrors (1).

Reading: all except one book (2), 50% (2), only two papers (1), 30% (1)

Was the information about the course and its organization sufficient?

Yes (7), superb (1)

Organization was neat.


What could have been done better? (continue on back if necessary)

More time to read the material.

List of participants with email addresses.

Fewer coffee breaks.

More practical exercises.

The most interesting coures in CLARA so far.

Everything is great.


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